The E Cigarette: The Sensible Alternative


There are many alternatives to cigarettes for those who are tired of the toxins and the ever-increasing costs of cigarettes.

One notable alternative is the e cigarette.  The battery operated device does not even need to be lit, but has the look, feel and taste of a real cigarette.  The only thing missing is the acetone, carbon monoxide, nicotine, sulfuric acid, tar, and thousands of other toxins, smoke, and the smell found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

E cigarettes are great because they also eliminate second hand smoke that affects others around you.  Instead, e cigarettes release an almost odorless vapor that disappears almost as soon as it appears.  There are also no ashes or cigarette butts to leave behind or clean as well as no risk of burning your clothing, furniture or other belongings.  Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about bad breath and the odor of smoke on your person, in your home and in your car.

Most e cigarettes are sold in kits with one or two rechargeable devices, extra cartridges, a charger and sometimes a spare battery.  Sometimes cartridges are filled with a liquid.  Many times these kits are available with membership to clubs that give you access to discounted refills.  Many people have found this a less painful way to kick the nicotine habit rather than quitting cold turkey or trying some other methods.  In fact, some e cigarettes contain various levels of nicotine to let you gradually wean yourself from the substance.

In some cases, you can choose devices with no, low, medium or high levels of nicotine.  You may also choose from these levels of menthol.  Some devices even have unique flavor options such as cherry, coffee, peach and vanilla.  Since the tip of an e cigarette is made to mimic a real flame, you may even find options in blue or orange LED light depending on the glow you prefer.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using an e cigarette as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, especially if you are on your way to quitting.  Not only do you get the smokeless devices, but you can also find many e cigarette accessories such as cigarette holders, portable chargers, USB pass-through’s, velvet carrying pouches or cigarette tins.  You can enjoy a viable alternative to smoking whether you want to eliminate the toxins associated with tobacco or eventually quit altogether.